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This topic outlines the terms of Kodak Response Center support for RBA problems.

Rules Based Automation—Response Center support

Kodak service support for Rules Based Automation included with Kodak service contracts is limited to break/fix support on the Rules Based Automation engine within Prinergy.
Creation of, or support of, custom scripts can be ordered via Kodak service to assist you with implementation and customizing of rules.


Price is covered by support contracts that include Remote Support. Other contracts, including Time and Materials contracts, are based on a service incident fee.


US&C Response Center group will provide Rules based Automation (RBA) break/fix and incident services to ensure system reliability and enhance your existing Prinergy workflow.
Response Center will assist in the troubleshooting, implementation and customization of rules using standard Prinergy RBA functionality.

Services include:

  • Consultation to assess the best path. For example: Response Center (break/fix or incident), Professional Services, or Product Development
  • Problem resolution of existing rule sets that no longer behave as expected due to environmental issues such as system upgrades, hardware failures, customer modifications, software problems, and so on
  • Support as specified in the service contract
  • Training and reference materials, such as self-study guides, white papers, and so on

This is a "post-installation" service and assumes that the customer is already using Prinergy in a production environment.

At the end of the triage period, a determination will be made as to the best path forward for the consultation. The consultation can fall into one of four possible categories:

  • Break/Fix: Unlimited effort will be expended on this category to restore system functionality.
  • Incident: Limited effort (no longer than one hour) will be expended to achieve customer-requested information, training, and/or ruleset customization.
  • Professional Service: Paid effort to implement/customize RBA workflow.
  • Product Development: Paid effort to implement/integrate RBA workflow, that may involve new technology.


This service does not include custom Visual Basic rule development, which can be provided as a separate project (custom quote).

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