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Use the Imports for Rule Set dialog box to import a code library into a rule set so that you can access the library's functions when you write the Visual Basic programming language to set parameters. You can also use this dialog box to view the names of the libraries that are built into RBA by default.



Displays the code libraries that are built into RBA. You cannot change or remove these libraries. View this list to determine whether the library that you intend to import is already available.


Displays the code libraries that have been added by a user to the rule set you are working on.
Tip: If this area displays only one row, expand the dialog box.

Add an import 

Adds a new row to the User area. After you add a row, select the specific code library that you want to add to the rule set. The libraries in the list are located in the Program Files\Kodak\RBA\bin\Rules\Extensions folder on the Prinergy primary server, on the drive where the Prinergy software is installed.

Remove selected imports 

Deletes the code libraries that are selected in the User area. Use this to remove one or more code libraries from a rule set.

Move imports up Move imports down 

Moves the code library that is selected in the User area up or down, so you can view the libraries in the order that you prefer. The order has no effect on how the libraries work.

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