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Import a code library into a rule set so that you can access the library's functions when you write custom code to set parameters.

  1. Place the code library in the Program Files\Kodak\RBA\bin\Rules\Extensions folder on the Prinergy primary server on the drive where Prinergy software is installed.
    Note: If the code library is not in this folder, you cannot import it into RBA.
  2. Open Parameter Code Editor in the rule set where you want to import the code library.
  3. Click Imports.
  4. In the Imports for Rule Set dialog box, expand the dialog box so that you can see most or all of the rows in the User area.
  5. Click Add an import  .
  6. In the new row that appears in the User area, select a library. The libraries in the list are the ones located in the directory identified in step 1.
  7. (Optional) If you want to change the order of the libraries in the User area, select one or more libraries and then click Move imports up  or Move imports down .
  8. Click OK.

Tip: To remove one or more libraries, select the libraries and click Remove selected imports .

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