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Prinergy users have designed rules that improve the efficiency of their production workflow and save money by automating various processes.

Archiving and cleanup examples

  • Archiving jobs
  • Displaying a list of all jobs that are ready for archiving
  • Using a naming convention to exclude certain jobs
  • Moving a job to a new group after archiving it
  • Exporting a job instead of archiving it
  • Organizing and cleaning up Prinergy systems that contain thousands of jobs
  • Deleting pages after they have been sent to vector output
  • After all separations have been plated, archiving the job, and then waiting a customer-specific number of days before purging

Prepress examples

  • Quickly responding to customers with preflight reports and laser proofs without interacting with Prinergy
  • Automatically setting page approval to "approval requested" and sending an e-mail message
  • Creating an imposed proof as soon as a surface is full
  • Creating an imposed proof of a part as soon as all surfaces are full and all the pages in the part have been approved
  • Sending an e-mail to the appropriate CSR when an imposed proof is ready
  • Creating a page set before files are refined (so that Automated Page Assignment (APA) will work)
  • Triggering an e-mail that lists the separations on each layout
  • Having pages processed and automatically transferred to the spoke when they are approved

Output examples

  • Putting sequential numbers on printing plates to reduce spoilage
  • Sending signature booklets to the appropriate printer based on the page size
  • Sending a product (book) containing two parts (cover and text) to plate production, after all the runlists in the product have been populated and approved
  • Automatically creating 2-up impositions and sending them to a digital press for proofing
  • Capturing rules for prepress and press output from a range of process templates, as well as including Harmony curves, web growth, color controls, and so on
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