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Create a .zip file containing all of a rule set's execution history data that you can send to another site for importing and further analysis.

  1. Open the rule set whose execution history you want to export in Rule Debugger.
    Select the desired rule set in the Rule Set Library list or the Enabled Rule Sets list, and select File > Debug or click Debug .
  2. Perform one of the following actions:
      • To export one execution of the rule set, select the desired execution in the Rule Set Execution History pane, and select File > Export This Execution.
      • To export multiple executions of the rule set, select File > Export Multiple Executions. In the Rule Set Execution History dialog box, select the check boxes for the executions that you want to export, and click Export.

    Tip: Click the check box for a specific date to select all executions that occurred on that date.

  3. In the Export dialog box, type a name for the .zip file, select the location where the file will be saved, and click Save.
    If you are exporting multiple executions, the data for all executions will be included in one .zip file.
    The Import Export Manager dialog box displays the export progress.

After the .zip file has been created, you can retrieve it and send it to another site for importing—for example, in an e-mail message or using an FTP site.

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