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Add a Timer flow action to delay the execution of a rule.
For example, pages can be automatically deleted 30 days after they are created from input files.

  1. Create or open a rule set with at least one event and action.
    For example, create a rule set where the Input File Refined event causes the Delete Pages action.
  2. On the Flow tab, drag Timer (Absolute), Timer (Relative), or Timer (Schedule) to the line between the event and action.
    For example, drag Timer (Relative) to the line between Input File Refined and a Delete Pages action.
  3. Double-click the line between the event and timer.
  4. In Rule Parameters Editor, set the parameters, and click OK.
    For example, in the Interval row, click . In the Parameter Value dialog box, in the Days box, type 30, and click OK twice.
  5. Save, close, enable, and test the rule set.
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