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Create a job that receives an XML file via a hot folder, creates a new job using information from the XML file, and then moves the XML file to the new job.

  1. Create a new job named Funnel, which receives the XML files and creates the new jobs based on the XML files.
  2. While you are in the Funnel job, create a new rule set, and start it with the Job Hot Folder Drop event.
  3. Add the Read XML action, and set the following parameters:



    Schema Name

    General > MySchema


    Item (File)



    This stores the data from the XML file so that you can use the data for actions later in the rule.
  4. Add the Create Job action, and set the following parameters:



    New Job Name

    XML Data (MySchema) > JobName

    Job Group


    Template Job


    Create from Template Job Options


    This creates a new job, copies the rule set from the Template job to the new job, and enables the rule set.
    Note: If you do not set Job group, you must set Job Home Share.
  5. Add the Copy or Move Files action, and set the following parameters:



    Files to move

    Root Event (Job Hot Folder Dropped) > UNC File Paths

    Destination Directory

    Job > Home > Path Name

    Do move


    This moves all files from the HotFolders\Processed folder at job home of the Funnel job to the job home of the newly created job.
    Tip: You can move the file into the UserDefinedFolders folder inside the job folder. You can also move it into a specific subfolder that you define in Prinergy Administrator.
  6. Add the Send Remote Trigger action, and set the following parameters:



    Destination Machine

    Previous Event (Job Created) > Job > Home > Server Name

    Destination Context

    Previous Event (Job Created) > Job > Job Name

    Rule Set Path


    Additional Properties: String 1


    String1 is the combination of Previous Event (Job Created) > Job > Home > Path Name followed by a slash and then Previous Event (Job Created) > Previous Event (XML Parsed OK) > File > File Name.
    This selects the job that was just created and identifies the location of the XML file to the rule set that processes the new job.
  7. Save the rule set with the name Funnel.
  8. Enable the rule set for the Funnel job.
  9. In the Funnel job:
    1. Create a folder that will become the hot folder.
    2. Add a hot folder and set it to process the Funnel rule set.
  10. Test the system by dropping an XML file into the hot folder.
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