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Use the Branch flow action to check a condition before continuing a rule.
For example, when a job's status changes, the branch continues with final output only if the Job Status is set to Ready for Final Output. If the job status changes to Created, nothing happens. 

  1. Create or open a rule set with at least one event and action.
    For example, create a rule that starts with a Job Status Changed event connected to a Final Output action.
  2. On the Flow tab, drag a Branch to the line between the event and action.
    By default, the action is connected to the  Yes result of Branch.
  3. Double-click the line between the event and Branch
  4. In Branch Editor, under Check, create a condition:
    1. Select the property that you want to evaluate, select an operator, and then enter a value to evaluate against the property.
    2. Click OK.

    For example, select Job > Status, select Is and Ready for Final Output, and click OK.

  5. (Optional) Add an action to the No result.
  6. Save, close, enable, and test the rule set.
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