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Automate the workflow that adds files for InSite Storefront orders to the Prinergy system, and processes the files so that the content is ready for production.
When an order is submitted using the Storefront system, you can automate the preparation of the files for printing by assigning upload processing rules. These rules are available in the Storefront user interface; you do not need to create these rules using Prinergy RBA.
For example, if print buyers will use your Storefront system to upload ad hoc items (print-ready files), you can set up the system to add the files and refine them automatically for previewing.
For information on assigning upload processing rules, see the InSite Storefront System Administration Guide.
Common file processing tasks for Storefront products are shown in the following table:

Storefront product

Prepress workflow

Static items ( pre-approved print items)

Input files are added.
The files are moved to Production.

Inventory items (such as mugs, hats, T-shirts)

The job is copied.
The files are moved to Production.

Ad hoc items (files that buyers upload for printing)

Input files are added and refined, enabling print buyers and CSRs to preview them.
The files are moved to Production.

Variable items (buyers add personal information before the item is sent for printing)

The variable item is composed and input files are added.
The files are moved to Production.

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