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RBA actions can copy, move, and delete files, write text to a file, and transfer files between two RBA systems.

Copying, moving, and deleting files

Use the Copy Or Move Files action to copy or move files from one location to another. For example, copy job exports from one Prinergy system to another Prinergy system.
Use the Delete Files action to delete files—for example, to delete VPS files when a job is completed.

Writing text to a file

Use the Write Text To File action to record information in a text file—for example, to record whether a refine process was successful. Use the action to test rule sets or to record your own history logs.

Transfer files

RBA can reliably transfer files between two Prinergy systems. For example, you can refine and approve pages at one site and send the resulting PDF files to another site for printing.

File transfers require the following two rules:

  • On one Prinergy system, a rule that sends the files. This rule must include in the Transfer Files action.
  • On another Prinergy system, a rule that receives the files. This rule must start with the Remote Trigger event.

Note: If a transfer fails, RBA automatically retries and picks up where it left off. You can specify how frequently and for how long RBA attempts to transfer files.
Tip: If you want to send only a list of file paths—without sending the actual files—use the Send Remote Trigger event or the Raise Event tool. Since files do not move, the Send Remote Trigger action is faster than the Transfer Files action, which starts the recipient rule only after the files are completely transferred.

Transfer Files is useful with InSite Prepress Portal, which does not automatically copy files between servers. For example, you can use file-naming conventions to distribute uploaded files to various locations.

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