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Pass information to Prinergy RBA in XML files—for example, to identify a job, its input files, and the process template settings required to refine the input files.

To use XML, you first register XML schemas in Prinergy with the XML Schema Manager, which is available from the Tools menu in Rule Set Manager. Then you can use the Read XML action to interpret any XML file that matches a registered schema.
When you combine the ability to read XML files with the ability to trigger rules by dropping files into a hot folder, you have a powerful mechanism for interoperability between the Prinergy system and other systems.

Escaping XML Characters

It is important to understand the character restrictions when processing XML with the Read XML action. There are a number of characters that either need to be avoided or escaped for successful parsing. For more information about escaping characters, see

Example: Passing information from an MIS system

Assume that you have a management information system (MIS) that runs on the Mac OS operating system. You record job information in the MIS, including the location of the customer's files. Even though the MIS and the Prinergy system are on different operating systems, they can communicate through XML.
Each time a job starts, the MIS creates an XML file in a hot folder that triggers a rule set in RBA. The XML file contains all of the information that Prinergy requires to create a job, adds the customer files and refines the files, and then generates loose proofs.

Example: Passing information from an e-commerce site

Each time that a customer places an order at an e-commerce site, the web site can generate an XML file identifying the order details. When the XML file appears in a Prinergy hot folder, RBA can use the data in it to create a job, refine the input file, and print the job.

To use XML in RBA, you need to:

  • Obtain or create an XML schema (.xsd) that defines the content and structure of the XML files that you will send to Prinergy.
  • Use XML Schema Manager to add or "register" the schema to the Prinergy system
  • Create a rule set with the Read XML action

The Read XML action can follow any event that indicates to Prinergy that a file is present, including these events:

  • Job Hot Folder Drop event
  • Remote Trigger event
  • An event resulting from the Copy Or Move Files action

XML and Storefront

InSite Storefront uses the Read XML action, but it does not require you to upload schemas in XML Schema Manager. When you create a product in Storefront, the schema is automatically added to the Prinergy system.

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