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A schema is a file that defines attributes of a type of XML document.

You can use schemas to define the following attributes of a type of XML document:

  • What elements are allowed in the document
  • Their relationship to each other, such as what elements contain other elements
  • What type of data each element contains

A common schema is the XML Schema Definition (XSD).

Testing XML files

In XML Schema Manager, you can upload an XML file to test it against a schema without having to write rules.

Managing schema versions

RBA handles multiple versions of XML schemas. When you update a schema, any rule sets with an out-of-date version of the schema will still work—assuming that the rule sets receive files that conform to the out-of-date version. You can see which rule sets use out-of-date schemas by setting a new View list in Rule Set Manager to By XML Schema Usage. Prinergy automatically updates each rule set to the latest version of a schema the next time that you open the rule set and save it.

Schemas and exported rule sets

When you export a rule set, any schema referenced by the rule set is included in the export .zip file. This makes it easy to transfer rule sets between Prinergy systems and to back up rule sets and schemas.

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