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The Loop Actions flow actions allow Prinergy to perform actions on one item at a time from a group of items, or to repeat the same actions multiple times on one item or an entire group of items.
You can select from the following types of loop actions:

  • Split 

The Split flow action allows Prinergy to process one item at a time from a group of items (for example, one page, one page set, or one separation). This loop action adds functionality to Prinergy since in Workshop, a group of items is normally processed as a batch.
For example, you may want to check the color of a particular separation or the trim size of a particular page.
Use the Split action to process all the items in a group, one at a time. Use the Select One Item action to process one particular item from a group (and not the others).
Available parameters in the Split flow action are Items, Items Per Group (the default is one item), and Per Group Delay (the default is one second).

  • Repeat 

The Repeat action allows Prinergy to perform the same process on one item or a entire group of objects (for example, a set of imposed pages). This is useful when you want to do automated testing of processes.
Available parameters in the Repeat flow action are Number of Repetitions (the default is one repetition) and Per Repetition Delay (the default is one second).
Note: Be careful not to create a rule with a Repeat action that puts a heavy load on the system, reducing performance drastically.

  • Next 

You can add the the Next flow action to the end of a loop to ensure that the repeated actions occur in a sequence, not at the same time. Processing of the second item (in a Split flow) or the second repetition (in a Repeat flow) does not begin until the previous item or repetition is complete. This can help to reduce the load on the system.
Tip: When you add the Next action to a flow, increase the delay parameter to a period longer than the rule will take to complete (for example, one hour).

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