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Enabling a rule set makes it available to be executed. It will not actually execute until the rule's first event occurs.

Enabling rules sets for the system or for specific jobs

When you enable a rule set, you must choose whether to enable it for the entire Prinergy system or for specific jobs.

  • System rule set: A rule set that has been enabled in the whole system, which makes its rules apply to every job in the system.
  • Job rule set: A rule set that is applied to one or more jobs. A job can have multiple enabled rule sets, and a rule set can be enabled for multiple jobs. If you enable a rule set in a template job, any job created from that template inherits the rule set.

Choosing between system and job

If you want a rule set to apply to every job in the Prinergy system, enable the rule set for the system. For example, you can archive completed jobs, wait for two weeks, and then purge the jobs.
Before you enable a rule set for the system, always enable it for a specific job and test it. After you enable it for the system, monitor it and assess the results.
Important: Enable a rule set for the system only if you have planned and tested it carefully, because system rule sets can have a wide effect.
To enable or disable a system rule set, type your user name and password. This requirement is intended to remind you of the power of system rule sets. The user name and password are the same ones that you use to log on to Workshop.

Restrictions on enabling

A rule set cannot be enabled for jobs and the system at the same time. Enabling it for the system includes all jobs.
You can enable multiple rule sets with the same name at the same time, as long as they are in different groups.
You can enable rule sets only if all parameters are set and the rule set is closed.

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