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Actions are the work that rule sets do, such as moving files, generating output, and sending e-mail messages.

In Rule Builder, actions appear in the following groups:

  • Prinergy Actions are tasks that you can perform in Workshop, and are the most commonly used actions.
    For example, the Create Job action creates a job, and the Refine Input File action refines input files.
    Prinergy actions are organized by the element that they affect. For example, refining pages, setting page approval, and everything else related to pages is in the Page Actions group.
  • Remote Actions are tasks that are done by other software and other Prinergy systems, including Remote Trigger and Transfer Files actions.
  • Rule Set Actions are tasks that enable and disable rule sets.
  • System Actions are tasks that occur outside of Workshop. For example, an Email action sends an e-mail message, usually to inform someone about the outcome of a process.
  • User Defined actions are tasks that you create entirely with Microsoft Visual Basic code.
  • Flow actions are tasks that check certain parameters of an event before continuing on to the next action. For example, you can place a timer between the Archive Success event and the Purge action, and set the time to one year.

Action parameters

Actions have parameters that control them, such as the name of the process template to use to perform the action.
Some parameters have default values. For example, in an Email action, the Priority parameter has a default value of Normal.
Some parameters are required. For example, the Email action has a To parameter that is required and not set by default.

If a rule set contains a parameter that is required but is not set:

  • The line between the event and action is red (  ) instead of gray (  ) in Rule Builder.
  • You cannot enable the rule set until the parameter is set.

If you right-click an action and select What is This, you see the RBA Reference documentation that describes the specific action in detail.

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