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Why you should complete this activity

This activity introduces the RBA user interface and demonstrates how to build and use a basic RBA job rule.

This activity is important because it illustrates how to:

  • Create and use an RBA rule set—Scenario 1
  • Copy and edit an existing rule set—Scenario 2

Target Audience

Prepress operators with no RBA experience

Time required

Approximately 15-20 minutes

What you'll learn

After completing this activity, you will know how to perform the following tasks:

  • Create an RBA group
  • Create a new job rule set
  • Select an event
  • Select an action
  • Use the job rule set
  • Disable a rule set
  • Copy a rule set
  • Edit the copied rule set
  • Use the edited rule set
  • Manage the job rule set

Recommended reading

  • Prinergy Connect Workflow 6.1 Rules-Based Automation User Guide
  • Prinergy Powerpack Workflow 6.1 Rules-Based Automation User Guide

Note: Complete all preparatory tasks in the Getting Started module before starting this activity.

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