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Use the Visible Columns dialog box to set up the columns that display in the Digital Direct window.
This dialog box is used to display standard columns and user defined columns. These columns are displayed horizontally in the Digital Direct window. They can be arranged in any order using the up/down buttons.
If you want to view all of the information about the document in an easy to view format, use the Document Inspector dialog box by selecting from the menu View>Inspect Document.



Standard Columns

Standard columns are based on document attributes (as listed in the Inspect Document dialog box).

User Defined Columns

User defined columns are based on the custom fields that are defined in Workshop at job level.

Visible Columns

Displays the list of column headings that appear in the Digital Direct window.

Default Set button

Click the Default Set button to display the following standard columns in the Digital Direct window:

  • Name
  • State
  • Target Press
  • Print Quantity
  • No. Pages
  • Content File Kind
  • Due By
  • Creation Time
  • No labels