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Use this dialog box to create Smart DocLists that are automatically populated with documents based on specific criteria that you select.



Smart DocList Name

Type the name. The Smart DocList will appear in alphabetical order in the left pane.


Type a description that explains the purpose of the Smart DocList for easy reference.

Show documents which match (all/any) of the following criteria

Narrow your search criteria and parameters by selecting All or Any.
It is not possible to create queries that mix All or Any clauses.
Note: All means the same as "And", while Any means the same as "Or".

<field> for selecting document attributes

Select the document attributes that you want to search for.
For more information about the different types of job attributes that you can select, go to the menu View>Document Inspect.

<field> for selecting search parameters

Select the parameters that you want to use to narrow your search:

  • matches/does not match
  • contains/does not contain
  • starts with/does not start with
  • ends with/does not end with

<Text field> for description

Use this field to type specific information that you want to search for.

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