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Make on-the-fly edits to the JDF information for a document. The changes do not affect the original JDF template.
Currently, only NexPress, HP SmartStream Print Servers, and Creo Color Servers have editing software for JDF templates. Access to other JDF editing software will be provided as it becomes available.

  1. In the Digital Direct document list, right-click the document for which you want to edit the JDF template, and select Edit JDF.
    In the Digital Direct document lists, the document to which the template is attached becomes inactive, is highlighted in gray, and is marked with a pen icon. To other users, the document is marked with a lock icon. When other users position the mouse over the inactive document, text appears and identifies the user who is editing the template and the computer being used.
  2. Use the related editing software to make your changes. Save and close the editing software.
  3. In Digital Direct, right-click the inactive document (to which the template is attached), and select Apply Edits.
    To cancel the JDF template edits, right-click the inactive document and select Reject Edits.
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