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Use this dialog box to review and update information about a document.

The Document Inspector dialog box displays all of the information about the document in an easy to view format. This information can also be viewed in the Digital Direct window, depending on which columns you have chosen to display using the menu option View > Visible Columns dialog box.
Some of the fields are populated with information from the job ticket. Other fields display information that was manually entered in Digital Submit or in Workshop, such as custom fields that were created at job level.
For some fields, you can edit and update information about the document. The fields that are disabled and highlighted in grey indicate that you cannot change or update the information.

Document Information




Indicates the name of the document.

Print Duration

Indicates the estimated amount of time that the document will take to print.
For every document that is associated with a press, the print duration can be calculated.
The print duration time is only an estimate and does not account for start up, paper jams or binding.


Indicates the current status of the document: ready to print, planned, on press, post press, completed or removed.

Print Status

Indicates if the print run was successful or ended in error.

Content File Details

This section lists all of the information that is known about the input file.



Job Name

Indicates the name of the document.

No. Pages

Indicates the number of pages in the document.


This field relates to variable data print and indicates the number of booklets that will be printed during a print run.
Each version that is going to be printed from a VDP file is also known as a record.

Creation Time

Indicates the time the document was created.

Content File Kind

Indicates the file format of the document. For example, the format may be PDF, PostScript or PPML/VDX.


Indicates if the document has been purged from the system.
Indicates the status of the document in the Prinergy Archiver.
Prinergy keeps a record about all jobs/documents in the database. If you erase a document from the system, you can still browse through the database to retrieve it.

File Names

Indicates the file name of the document. This may be different from the job name.

Production Information



Print by

Indicates the date the document needs to be printed by.

Ship by

Indicates the date the document needs to be shipped by.

Due by

Indicates the date the customer needs to receive the document.


Indicates the number of surfaces.

Print Quantity

Indicates the number of copies that will be printed.

Pages per surface

Indicates the number of pages per surface.
This field is used for calculating how long the document will take to print.
You can type the number of pages per surface or the field may be populated by the JDF ticket.


Indicates if the document is set to print for duplexing.

Print Status



Submission Time

Indicates the time the document was submitted to print.

Sheets Output

Indicates the number of sheets used for output.

On Press

Indicates if the document is on the press.

Order Information

This section lists the information that you entered when you created the job using Digital Submit.




Indicates the customer name.

Product Name

Indicates the type of document, such as booklet or business cards.

Order Quantity

Indicates the quantity the customer ordered.

Shipping Method

Indicates the shipping method that should be used.

Address, Country and Postal Code

Indicates the customer's delivery address.

Media Information

This section lists information about the media, which affects how long the document will take to print.



Body Media Name

Indicates the body media name.

Body Media Color

Indicates the body media color.

Body Media Coating

Indicates the body media coating.

Body Media Weight

Indicates the body media weight.

Body Paper

Indicates the type of body paper.


Indicates the length of the media.


Indicates the width of the media.

Media Names

Indicates the name of the media that is being used to print the document.

Press Settings



Target Press

Indicates the press that is used to print the document.

Target Press Queue

Indicates if a press queue has been selected for the press.

Print Settings Format

Indicates the print settings that are used.

Custom Fields

If custom fields have been set up in Workshop at job level, they are displayed in this section.

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