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Your software license must be renewed when the primary hard drive or network card of your computer is exchanged. Preps uses these components to generate its unique computer ID.

  • If your current computer is accessible: Select Help > Licensing and then click Release License. This releases the license for renewal or use on another computer.
  • If your current computer is inaccessible or you are otherwise unable to release the license, contact your service representative for assistance.

The Preps software license can also be moved to another computer when you are (for example) upgrading to newer hardware. Currently, Kodak allows up to 10 transfers per major version (10 transfers for version 7.x, 10 transfers for version 8.x, and so on).

To use Preps on multiple computers, purchase extra licenses or talk to a Kodak sales or service representative about switching to a Prinergy floating license.

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