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New features and enhancements

There are no new features in this version of Preps.

IMPORTANT (Preps 9.0.1 Standalone customers): Due to licensing changes between Preps 9.0.1 and earlier versions of Preps, Kodak recommends that you contact your Kodak Product Support representative prior to updating to 9.0.1 or later.

Fixed bugs 

Referenced PR


PREPS-13188Too many anchor points for Page Head, Foot, Spine, Face
PREPS-15867Mark Anchored to PageBleedHead is incorrectly positioned on output.
PREPS-16385Preps no longer uses colorf_profiler to get Mac computer id so drop in fix no longer works.
PREPS-16542File>>Close or Cmd + W causes Preps application to Quit - Mac Only
PREPS-16543Assembly View, Press Runs View and Textmarks are blurry on MACs with specific graphics card
PREPS-16564Can't select more than one section in Preps 9.0 build 466 (MAC only)
PREPS-16567Preps Print Job Layout Report Fails (Win only) - Regression from Preps 9.0.0 Build 444 integrated
PREPS-16570Preps 9 UI - Layouts pane displays new saved templates at root of Templates folder instead of defined folder (KMS ONLY)
PREPS-16572Preps Marks pane Display Issue - Marks lists are duplicated each time the group folder is expanded (Win Only) (KMS Only)
PREPS-16589[Win]Rectangle Mark_The graphic points of the anchor to page foot and the graphic points of the mark anchor are reversed

Known limitations new to Preps 9

Big Sur (Mac 11.0) Support - to come in Preps 9.0.2 Standalone

Preps 9 is not supported with MAC 11.0 Big Sur

Referenced PR


PREPS-16594Preps Migration Utility does not run on a 64 bit MAC
PREPS-16591JDF from Multipress not interpreted properly
PREPS-16613"Save As Template" causes Preps (Integrated) to hang (MAC and Win)
PREPS-16614JDFs output from non-English versions of Preps do not honor SSi:Media Origin (Punch distance)(Mac)
PREPS-136Output jdf/pjtf with ps mark flats if you add customized media ,the jdf/pjtf and their ps mark flats clockwise rotation 90 degree unexpectedly

Additional Known limitations

When you use "Odd" or "Even" keywords in the SmartMark Range field, the mark will be applied only for the first press run.

This happens for all marks when the mark anchor is anything except Gutter. See Common settings for SmartMarks.
Workaround: Add t: before the Range keyword. For example, t:odd or t:even.

If you add a new sheet while in template editing mode, you will no longer be in template editing mode.

You can still save as template. If you duplicate an existing press run you will remain in template editing mode.

When adding press runs to a job from a template, you cannot rename a signature after it has been edited.

Once you save the job for the first time you will be able to edit the name of a signature.

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