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Preps 7.0 and later feature one license type. Earlier versions of the Preps software offered different license types that enabled different feature sets. If you upgraded from the Preps 6.x software to the Preps 9.x software, you have access to the feature set that was previously available only with the Pro license, including:

  • Unlimited sheet size, up to maximum supported
  • Mixed binding styles
  • Assembly view
  • Web growth compensation
  • Multiple products and parts
  • JDF input
  • JDF auto signature matching (ASM)
  • JDF auto signature creation (ASC)
  • AutoGang for semiautomation
  • AutoGang hot folders for full automation (available only with a Prinergy Workflow or Kodak Prinergy Evo Workflow floating Preps license)
  • JDF binding data output
  • CIP3 cutting data export (JDF, PPF, PJTF)
  • Automatic and custom tiling
  • Fold Pattern resource
  • Automated calculation for shingling and bottling
  • Stock management
  • Automated ganging for different covers/sizes
  • Preps Template Migration Utility
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