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KODAK PRINERGY Hybrid Cloud Solution is a virtualized instance of PRINERGY and INSITE running in a VOE (Virtual Operating Environment) on a physical host server (on premise) with data backed up to the cloud (Azure). This solution includes tools that can help to streamline your workflow and decrease downtime in the event of an unexpected incident (disaster recovery).

Supported Configurations

At this time, Kodak supports and offers the following configurations:

  • PRINERGY (Primary) and INSITE
  • PRINERGY (Primary) and PRINERGY (Secondary) - Coming soon
  • PRINERGY (Primary) and KPS - Coming soon
    and more...

Services Provided

KODAK PRINERGY Hybrid Cloud Solution is a Turn Key Solution. 

Kodak Responsibilities:

  • Setting up the Host and Guest OSs
  • Installing and configuring all Kodak software
  • Rehosting the existing software and data to the new server (if required)
  • Configure Disaster Recovery (DR) Backup (LRS Storage 1Tb) - Subscription
  • Provision PRINERGY Analytics - Subscription
  • Kodak has run performance tests within each configuration and will provide capacity thresholds for PDF files and plate output.

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Provide power and physical space
  • Provide network connectivity for both (all) VMs
  • Run the Checkpoints before upgrades
  • Kodak Workflow software upgrading
  • Weekly Maintenance - Server Reboots and Windows Updates

Hardware and Software Specifications


  • DELL PE T550 server (IDRAC licensing) - Pedestal - 2TB and 4TB Storage options (shared between all VMs)
  • 2x 8Core CPU's
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 2x960GB (minimum) Hard Drives
  • Mirrored disk drives in RAID 1 configuration running as a hypervisor virtual operating environment
  • Windows Server licenses for 1 physical (host) and 2 virtual operating environments (guests) with 5 client access licenses (CALs) for each guest.
  • Monitor, power cables, and casters included.

Software :

Not included:

  • Hyper-V Checkpoint - Point in time recovery. Kodak recommends performing a Checkpoint of each VM prior to upgrading any software and saving it to an alternate location.

Additional Information:

The KODAK PRINERGY Hybrid Solution is intended to run native Kodak software only.

PRINERGY Analytics takes the meta rich data that PRINERGY captures in its nature and provides relatable visual aids and exportable resources.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Backup is a “managed” service offering that automates the process of backing up copies of designated files and folders from a compliant server to a secure storage account in the Prinergy Cloud. Including (PRINERGY Config and jobs)

IDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) is licensed on the DELL server which provides secure access for Kodak service engineers to remotely manage the server.

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