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For a curve controlled device, do the following:

  1. For G7 calibration, select the G7 check box. This selects the G7 target automatically.
  2. If you want the curve to be available in Prinergy, select the Show curves in Prinergy check box.
  3. In the Process Inks tab, from the Curves Method list, select a desired method:
    • Tonal Match: Refers to Tonal Value Increase (TVI), also known as dot gain, and uses the calculated Effective Dot Area (EDA) for calibration. Calculations are based on the density measurements of each ink or colorant. You can use the same target response for each process color, or different target responses for optimizing color builds
    • Gray Balance: Adjust tonality by simultaneously calibrating cyan, magenta, and yellow inks so that neutral shades of gray are maintained, while the black ink is calibrated separately for lightness and darkness.
    • Manual Adjustments only: Generates a linear curve that can be manually adjusted later
  4. Optionally click View Curves... to check the shape of the calibration curves. If curve method Gray Balance is selected and the curve correction appears too aggressive in the 3/4-tone and shadow region, adjust the 3/4-tone Correction slider. This may occur if the 100% CMY patch has a strong cast.
  5. If you have added and measured one or more spot inks, in the Spot Inks tab, select a target from the Target list and select a curve method.
    Note: For a spot ink whose response has not been measured, the following settings always apply: Curves Method: None and Curves Method: Manual Adjustments Only. You can view the Curves Method for each spot ink by clicking Details in the Conversion Definition dialog.

    • If you have measured the SCTV response of spot inks, select Target value Linear (selected automatically). This sets the Curves Method to Linear SCTV.

    • To calibrate spot inks to an EDA or TVI target, select any Target value other than Linear or None. This sets the Curves Method to Tonal Match.

    • To generate linear curves that can be manually adjusted, select Target value None. This sets the Curves Method to Manual Adjustments Only.

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