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Print devices typically use CMYK inks. This process ink set may be supplemented with extended process inks to expand the printing gamut. ColorFlow manages the set of process inks, the printing sequence, and other ink set properties in a Process Inks value selected for each print device condition.

An extended process ink set includes CMYK inks, plus one or more of the following, for a total of 5, 6 or 7 inks:

  • Red or Orange ink
  • Green ink
  • Blue, Purple or Violet ink

Do the following:

  • To create a new process inks value:
    1. Click the Add icon . The new value appears in the Values table.
    2. To add extended process inks:
      • In the Extended Process Inks table, select the ink you wish to add and click the  icon.
    3. To remove extended process inks:
      • In the Printing Sequence table, select the ink you wish to remove and click the  icon.
    4. To change the printing sequence:
      • In the Printing Sequence table, select an ink and click the Up or Down button.
      • Repeat for other inks until the desired sequence appear in the table.
    5. To add, modify or remove descriptive text, such as ink type or brand:
      • Double-click the new value in the Values table.
      • Select and modify the text after the ink initials, including a space after the initials.
  • To modify an existing process inks value:
    1. Select the value in the Values table and perform steps above, OR
    2. Double-click the value and
      • Type ink initials according to the printing sequence
      • Add descriptive text, if desired, after a space.
  • To delete a process inks value, select the value and click the Delete icon .
  • To select a process inks value for the device condition, select the value and click OK.
  • To exit without selecting a value for the device condition, close the dialog. Changes to process inks values are saved.
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