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You can import Harmony derived calibration curves and transfer curves into ColorFlow Print Curves for use by Prinergy. 

  1. In the Print Curves tab, under the Harmony Curves section, click Import.
  2. Locate and select your Harmony file, and then click Open.
    • By default, ColorFlow browses to the directory containing the CalCurve.hmy file used by Harmony and Prinergy. Select this file for the active Harmony database.
    • The Import Harmony Curves table shows all of the Harmony print calibration curves in the file.
  3. If the curve you are looking for does not appear in the Import Harmony Curves table, or if you wish to import all types of Harmony calibration curves into ColorFlow, select Show Plate and Film Calibration Curves. See also About Calibration Curve Types in Harmony, ColorFlow and Prinergy.
  4. Select the curve(s) that you want to import, using standard multiple selection controls.
  5. Click OK.
    Note: if a curve cannot be imported, most likely the curve definition is not supported by ColorFlow. For example, Harmony curves using density calibration and curves that have a maximum tone of less than 100% are not supported by ColorFlow.
  6. To make a curve visible in the Print Curve list control in the Calibration and Screening panel of a Prinergy process template:
    1. Find the curve in the Harmony Curves table (it will be selected after import). If you cannot find the curve, select Show Plate and Film CurvesSee also About Calibration Curve Types in Harmony, ColorFlow and Prinergy.
    2. Select Show in Prinergy Print Curves.
  7. (Optional) View the imported curve by clicking the Harmony Curves icon in the right panel.
  8. (Optional) Update the Harmony Print Curve.

Imported curves will be available in Prinergy from Curve Source: ColorFlow Current State. If you want all imported Print Harmony Curves to also be selectable from Curve Source: ColorFlow Approved Snapshot, select the Use for Approved Snapshot check box.

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