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ColorFlow maintains a history of the profile adjustments that you have applied, and the adjustments that you have made but not yet applied.

A history list is kept for each adjustable element in each color setup and device condition:

  • For device profile editing, individual adjustment histories are maintained for each adjustable tag.
  • For curve-controlled device conditions, individual histories are maintained for each spot ink curve. This applies to the device curve and simulation/conversion curves in each color setup that uses the device condition for a color output.
  • For the PCO of a color setup, the entire history of the simulation is recorded in a single list that includes the simulation definition, curves adjustments, DeviceLink adjustments, and regeneration of the simulation.
  • For the SCO, the entire history of each SCO conversion is recorded in a single list that includes definition, conversion curves, DeviceLink adjustments, and regeneration.


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