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Harmony CMYK Curves and Spot Curves are independent, meaning that they cannot be collectively selected by a common name, for calibrating a Prinergy output job with spot inks. If you choose a named Harmony CMYK curve set, all spot inks will be calibrated using the Black channel of the named CMYK curve.

In ColorFlow, Print Calibration Curves and Print Transfer curves can have spot color channels in addition to CMYK. After importing Harmony CMYK Curves and Spot Curves into ColorFlow, you can group them together for selection by a common name in Prinergy.  

  1. Click the Print Curves tab.
  2. If your Harmony curves use the Medium property:
    1. In the Harmony Curves table, sort by Medium to collect Harmony CMYK and Spot curves that have the same Medium value.
    2. Select the CMYK and spot curves with the same Medium value that you want grouped together. 
      Note: The Medium property of Harmony curves allows CMYK and Spot curves with the same Medium value to be selected in a process template by Print Curve value %% AUTO %% and the Harmony Medium value of the curves.
  3. Otherwise, find and select the CMYK and spot curves that you want grouped together.
  4. If you cannot find the curves you are looking for, select Show Plate and Film Curves. See also About Calibration Curve Types in Harmony, ColorFlow and Prinergy.
  5. If you are using a Harmony One Curve for CMYK inks, select that curve instead of a Harmony CMYK Curves curve.
  6. Click Copy to Transfer Curve.
    A new curve is created in the Transfer Curves table with same name as the selected Harmony CMYK Curves or One Curve.
  7. Locate the curve (it will be selected by default) and select Show in Prinergy.
  8. If you don't want to use the default name, double-click the name in the Transfer Curves table to edit the name. This will not affect its selection in a Prinergy process template. See About Curve Names and Selection in Prinergy.
  9. (Optional) Select the device condition properties that you wish to use this curve for.
  10. Other options:
    1. You can drag the selected Harmony Curves to the Transfer Curves table instead of clicking Copy to Transfer Curve.
    2. You can copy just the CMYK curve to Transfer Curves (by either method above), then drag and drop spot curves into the new transfer curve.
    3. You can use this method to add additional Harmony spot curves to a Harmony-copied transfer curve at any time. 
  11. Set the display color for each spot curve channel:
    1. Select the curve in the Transfer Curves table.
    2.  In the right panel, open Curve Channels
    3. Double-click the Color swatch and pick a color, OK.
  12. (Optional) View the transfer curve channels:
    1. Select the curve in the Transfer Curves table.
    2. Click View....
    3. To view spot ink channels, select Spot and choose the desired channel in the Spot ink: list.
  13. (Optional) Adjust the transfer curve. See Adjusting a print transfer curve.
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