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You can adjust bump and cutoff device curves using the same tools that you use for other device curves. You can also adjust the Mindot of discontinuous process or spot ink device curves. 

To make a tonal correction or to accommodate an increase in the minimum printable dot, Mindot adjustment lets you increase the Mindot Tint Out value for any process or spot ink device curve.  You can also adjust the cast of the CMY Mindot point. The Mindot adjustment does not let the Mindot Tint Out value be less that the Minimum Tint Out setting in the Default Device Curves. This ensures that the curves cannot generate output less than the minimum printable dot. 

You cannot adjust the Mindot Tint In value of any process or spot ink device curve. The Tint In value is an important attribute of the device color response. If you need to change a Mindot Tint In value, you must redefine the device condition default device curves, and the device curves of the affected device. This requires you to re-characterize the device response.

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