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Flexographic press device conditions in ColorFlow software have the same plate setup and plate curve capabilities as offset press device conditions. A flexographic plate setup is identified by a combination of Screening and Plate Type attributes, has one or more plate lines, and may be associated with one or more flexographic press device conditions. For output to a specific plate type, the same plate curve applies to all separations for process and spot inks.

The response of a flexographic plate is typically measured by a system that captures a camera image of a tint patch on the plate, and then performs an image analysis to estimate the relative area of the protruding, ink-carrying surfaces. You can enter these dot area estimates into the plate setup in ColorFlow software.

The response of a flexographic plate is considered to be continuous, and so is the plate curve that ColorFlow software calculates to linearize the response. The flexo discontinuity is managed by special device curves.

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