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You can create, print, and measure a tint ramp chart to characterize a localized tonal response of your print device for tonal calibration. You can only measure it by using a hand-held measuring device. 

  1. In a device condition, click the Measurements icon  next to a device.
  2. Click the Add button .
  3. In the Chart Type list, choose Tint Ramp.
  4. Configure the chart:
    1. In the Measurement Device list, select the device you will use to measure the chart.
    2. In the Tint Set list, select a desired tint set or click the Edit icon  to add a new tint set.
    3. In the Process Ink Set list, select one of the following:
      • To create a CMYK chart with spot inks, choose CMYK
      • To create a chart only for spot inks, choose None (spot inks only)
    4. You can add spot inks to a chart by clicking the Add button   in the Spot Inks section and then define the spot inks.
  5. Your chart is assigned a default name. To rename your chart , double-click the chart name and then enter a meaningful name.
  6. Click Save.
  7. To export the chart, click Export and save the chart for printing.
    The tint ramp chart is created as an imposition-ready PDF file.
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