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You can adjust how a DeviceLink transforms the meaning of white from one device to the other to simulate paper tint. You can only adjust a DeviceLink white point when the DeviceLink's rendering intent is Absolute Colormetric.

  1. When you adjusting the simulation or conversion DeviceLink, in the DeviceLink tab, click White Point.
  2. The color patch displays the output color. If the displayed color does not visually align to the color on your proof or press sheet, you can adjust the displayed color in the color patch:

    1. Select the Adjust Displayed Colors check box.
    2. Use the lightness (L*) slider and the cast (a*b*) selector to change the displayed color to align to the color on your proof or press sheet. This color change does not affect any curves or color control elements. You are only adjusting the displayed color of the patches.
    3. To reset the display to the default displayed color, click the Reset icon .
    4. When you achieve the correct color, clear the Adjust Displayed Colors check box.

  3. Adjust the output value for white input:

    The displayed color patch demonstrates the effect of your adjustments.

    The color produced before your adjustment is shown on the left. Your adjustment is shown on the right.

    1. To display the color patch in a larger view for easier color comparison, click anywhere in the color patch.
    2. Adjust color cast, lightness, or both by the following:
    • Use the lightness (L*) slider   to make the color darker or lighter. You can also enter the L* value directly in the Color Change columns.
    • Use the cast (a*b*) selector  to adjust the color cast. You can also enter the a*b* values directly in the Color Change columns.

    • Enter the C, M, Y, and K values directly in the Out columns
  4. By default, the Smooth Adjustment check box is selected to ensure smooth color transitions in the highlight region. If you want the adjustment to be applied only to the white point of the profile – input CMYK value (0, 0, 0, 0), clear the Smooth Adjustment checkbox. This may produce sharp color transitions in the highlight color region.

  5. You can:
  6. To save your changes, click Apply.
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