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In addition to the standard Business Link requirements, automated imposition has its own requirements. To set up this feature, you need to understand prepress imposition concepts and be aware of the type of JDF parameters that your MIS can deliver.
The requirements are:

  • Prinergy 7.5 or later software, which includes a built-in Preps software engine
  • The Prinergy Automated Imposition feature
  • Kodak-approved MIS software that can send at least minimally complete and error-free JDF data
  • Activated ICS-based JDF connectivity between the MIS and Business Link
  • Workshop-integrated Preps which requires a floating Preps license (You will need this software to check the autogenerated signatures and modify or resolve them when needed.)
    Best practice: Use the same version that Prinergy uses for its built-in Preps engine.
  • Preps profiles, devices, and templates, that are configured according to the Preps documentation and this system administration guide. 

Note: The Business Link support for automated imposition is enabled by default. If you need to disable all automatic importing of raw JDF stripping or layout data, contact a technical representative.

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