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Use Kodak extensions at the prepress process group level to control the job-creation options that Prinergy applies. Kodak extensions for Business Link start with sl: and they are all optional.

Elements/Attributes for sl:CreoSynapseJobCreate

Element/AttributeFormatDescription and usage
  • The name of the job group in which the new job should be created on the Prinergy server.
  • If the specified group does not already exist on the target system, it is created.
  • Multiple subgroups can be specified by using the pipe symbol.
  • The maximum length of each specified job group is 31 characters. Example: JobGroup="New Jobs|2006|January"
  • Path to the job-share on which the new job should be created. 
  • This folder name must be a valid Prinergy share on a known secondary or tertiary server as configured through Prinergy Administrator.
  • The exact name of an existing Prinergy job to be used as a template in creating the new job.
  • By default, all inheritable options of this template job are used when creating the new job.

Indicates whether this job should be Web-enabled to permit customer access via InSite. 

A value of True is effective only if all of these points apply:

  • InSite is installed and connected to the target prepress system.
  • The specified CustomerID was previously mapped to an InSite customer account in the Prepress Customer Name column on the Administration Client Customer Mapping tab.

Elements/Attributes for \sl:CreoSynapseJobCreate and \sl:APAFile

Advanced Production Automation (APA) files are used to automate the assignment of pages to run-list positions in the Prinergy workflow. If a file URL is supplied in this field, Business Link copies that file into the appropriate subfolder of the Prinergy job.

Element/AttributeFormatDescription and usage
@URLURLFile location of the APA file.
Example of a local path: file:\\c:\lib\apafile\4pageCatalogAPAfile.apa
Example of a remote path: file:\\YCS1234-567\Fileshare\4pageCatalogAPAfile.apa 
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