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The Business Link icon in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen continuously shows the activity between the system connectors.

The icon ideally flickers with combinations of green plus yellow or blue. The bottom triangular half of the icon represents the Business Link server, and the flickering rectangles represent data entering and leaving. A red or black color in the icon indicates that something requires your attention.
Note: For more detailed status information, use the Status tab of the Administration Client.

This icon:Indicates this condition:

Green, yellow  

Business Link is properly connected to a Prinergy prepress workflow system and to the MIS.

Green, yellow, blue 

Business Link is receiving information.

Green, blue, green  

Business Link is sending information.

Red, yellow, red

  • Business Link has a problem or is not properly connected to the Prinergy system or to the MIS.
  • Or, Business Link cannot retrieve the license from the Prinergy system, either because it is not an option in the Prinergy license or because Prinergy is not running.

Black, gray

The Business Link server is stopped—the system is inactive.
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