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You can include the following JDF data when initiating the creation of a prepress job. Extra data is ignored and can cause potential processing errors.

Elements/Attributes for JDF root

Element/AttributeRequired?Required valueDescription


Yes Unique ID for this node


YesProduct or ProcessGroup
  • One prepress job is created for each JDF node whose Category attribute is PrePress.
  •  These JDF files may be children of the same product node:
    • Sent as one JDF file
    • Sent as individual JDF files of type prepress




Yes Unique job identifier assigned by the MIS

Identifies a subpart within the MIS job that needs to be processed as a separate prepress job.

  • This identifier must be unique within the job.
  • From the MIS point of view, it is part of the job. From the prepress point of view, it is its own job.
  • Each unique JobID/JobPartID combination that is contained in the JDF file creates a separate prepress job.

Descriptive name for the job or job part that can be used as a suggested job name in the prepress system.

  • If it is not suitable, Prinergy might not use this name.
  • The maximum length for a Prinergy job name is 31 characters. Longer names are truncated.
  • If the resulting name is not unique, a number is automatically appended to the name.
StatusYesReadyJDF status
SettingsPolicyNoBestEffortJDF settings policy
VersionNo1.2Version of the JDF specification

A namespace used by Business Link

All namespaces to be used must be declared before they are used, in accordance with the XML specification.

These are the namespaces used by Business Link:


Unique customer identifier assigned by the MIS.

  • This value populates the Customer ID column on the Administration Client Customer Mapping tab.
  • Although optional in the JDF specification, this attribute is required by Business Link for any CustomerInfo element.
  • Optional.
  • Alternative customer name from the MIS or other system, such as the name that the customer specifies in InSite.
  • This value populates the Prepress Customer Name column on the Administration Client Customer Mapping tab.
\CustomerInfo\ContactNo Additional customer information
@ContactTypeYesCustomerBusiness Link requires contact details for the customer representative who might interact with the job.

Name used to identify the customer's company.

  •  Business Link displays this name for all jobs associated with the specified CustomerID.
  •  This value populates the MIS Customer Name column on the Administration Client Customer Mapping tab.
  • Whenever a new message arrives and specifies a different OrganizationName for an existing CustomerID,
    Business Link updates this information and displays the new
    MIS Customer Name.
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