For version 8.3, there is no update to the schema from version 8.2. However, for sites upgrading from 8.0.x, the following steps are necessary to acquire the changes that were made in version 8.2. For information on additional rules in PLA and updating any of the action parameters specific to those rules, see the latest PLA Administrator Guide.

Reminder for MIS users: When schema updates occur, please review and modify the MIS program to output XML that conforms to the latest PLA schema. Kodak does not provide programming services for specific MIS systems.

  1. On the Prinergy Workflow primary server, start Workshop.
  2. Select Tools > Rule Set Manager (RBA).
    The Rule Set Manager window appears.
  3. Select Tools > RBA XML Schema Manager
    The XML Data Model Schema Manager window appears. The PLA schema appears under Browsing 'General', and is called Target XML.
  4. Click the update/delete link next to Target XML.
  5. In the Schema File field, click Browse, and then locate TargetXML.xsd in C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Kodak \LayoutAutomation\RBA\XML
    This is the updated PLA schema that was placed by the installer. 
  6. Click Open to load the schema.
  7. In the Update/Delete Schema window, select Update Schema.
    Note: The Schema File: box goes blank, but the schema is updated.