New features and enhancements

Smart layout will gang multiple CF2 files for best fit (Pandora-1400)

The Smart Layout feature in Pandora now allows users to add die files to be ganged for production.

This video provides information about using the Pandora Smart Layout feature for nesting dies: Pandora_SmartLayout_NestingDies.mp4 (if you have problems viewing this video, try a different browser).

In order to use this Smart Layout feature, there must be a die station and the die crease line must be closed. Otherwise, you will receive this error message: Cannot retrieve valid key line from the file: <file name>

Note: The Smart Layout feature for creating nested die files is available only if you are using the Pro version.

Retention of original spot colors from mapping in Pandora or PLA when layouts are sent to Prinergy Workshop (Pandora-1479) 

This ability is off by default. If you want Pandora or PLA to retain the original spot colors from mapping when viewed in Prinergy Workshop Separations, you need to add AutoColorMap.PrintMappedColor=true to the file in the Pandora application folder. For PLA, the file is found in the LayoutAutomation\server\WEB-INF\classes folder on your Prinergy server. 

Note: If you are using AutoColorMap.PrintMappedColor=true and are also using Label Marks, you need to add Mediator.UseNative=false to the file in order for the Label Marks to appear properly on output.

Known limitations

Die Waste and Split Color Bar marks do not get placed to more than one die [Pandora-1365] 

When you add multiple CF2 files to your layouts, the Die Waste and Split Color Bar marks will be applied to only one of the CF2 files. This functionality will be implemented in a future version.

Import any of the TOB marks into a job and save this job, when reopening the job in Pandora, Pandora crashes [Pandora-1406] 

If you are using the Take Off Bar marks in Pandora on a frequent basis, you might witness the inability to reopen jobs that contain these marks when  using Windows 10.

Pandora does not launch after installing [Pandora-1434]

If you install Pandora on your workstation and you do not have Java 1.8 installed, the Pandora application might not open. To open the Pandora application, install Java 1.8.

For S&R created with Center on Substrate, changes made using the Geometry Palette are not retained when you edit the Layout or the saved Pandora Job (Pandora-1526)

When you create Step-and-Repeat (S&R) layouts with Center on Substrate enabled, if you make vertical or horizontal adjustments using the Geometry Palette, the changes are not retained if you re-open the layout using Prinergy Workshop or open the saved Pandora job. On re-open, the S&R layout is re-positioned to be centered on the substrate.