By default, Dashboard shows the job status only from the primary Prinergy server. Using DashboardAdmin, you can specify additional Prinergy servers for Dashboard to monitor.

  1. Go to http://<Prinergy server name>/Dashboard/DashboardAdmin.html, where <Prinergy server name> is the name of the Prinergy primary server.
  2. Enter your user name and password, and click Login.
  3. Add or delete the servers that Dashboard monitors:


    Do This

    Add a Prinergy server

    In the text box at the bottom, type the Prinergy server name, and click .

    Delete a Prinergy server

    In the Dashboard Servers list, select a Prinergy server, and click .

  4. If (offline) appears after the server name, the server might be down, running a different version of Prinergy, or inaccessible—for example, due to access rights.