Use Prinergy Administrator's Network File Shares Configuration to set up or change the Mac file-sharing protocol of Prinergy and files on job or input volumes.


  1. Stop all archiving, purging, and retrieving activities:
  2. In Prinergy Administrator, select Tools > File Shares for Prinergy to display the Network File Shares Configuration dialog box.
    The left pane displays the current file shares, indicating whether each file share can be used for job home and whether it is using the AFP or SMB file-sharing protocol.
    Note: AFP is not qualified with Prinergy Workflow 8.0. 
  3. Add or modify the servers and input volumes in your Prinergy system.


    Do this

    Add a file share

    1. Click , and type the server name or click Browse and locate a server. When you type a server name, the Share menu displays all the valid shares that you can select.
    2. From the Share menu, select the share, and click OK
    3. Select the Server Message Block (SMB) / Common Internet File System (CIFS) networking protocol, then select Named Forks.
      Note: The Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) is not qualified with Prinergy Workflow 8.0.

    Delete a file share
    1. Select one or more shares in the File Shares section.
    2. Click   to delete the selected shares. 
      Note: You cannot delete a share that has jobs on it.
  4. Click OK to save your changes and close the Network File Shares Configuration dialog box.
  5. Perform any of the following actions: