After you have characterized the color response of the PCO, you can define the PCO simulation target. Simulation target is the color response that you want to achieve in the PCO. For example, if you select GRACoL C1 as the simulation target for your press, the color response of the PCO is the press's color response when it simulates GRACoL C1. 

Depending on how you define the simulation target and the PCO device condition's color response type, the PCO may have a colorimetric response or tonal response:

  1. In the PCO, click the Simulation icon .
  2. Enter a Simulation Name or use the default name.
  3. Select the Show curves in Prinergy check box if you want the generated print calibration curve to be available for manual selection in Prinergy output.
  4. Click the Process Inks tab.
  5. In the Target list, select the color response that you want to simulate:
  6. For a discontinuous Flexographic PCO press:
  7. To use a DeviceLink profile, do the following:


  8. Click OK.
    A simulation calibration curve and/or a simulation DeviceLink are generated. If you select to use the ColorFlow Color Relationship Management option in Prinergy output, Prinergy refines input files to the color response of the simulation target.

NoteIf the PCO device condition has extended process inks, they are calibrated to match the Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV) response of same-named inks present in the simulation target. For extended process inks not present in the target, and for G7 calibration, linear SCTV calibration is performed.