Important: You must perform the following steps and configure the Keychain Access settings for Matchprint Virtual 7.0 use with InSite Creative Workflow 7.0. If you do not configure the Keychain settings, an MV connection failure message will be displayed when you click the color indicator in the Safari browser Smart Review window.

Note: If you are using multiple user accounts on the Mac, perform the steps for configuring Matchprint Virtual Keychain Access first with the Admin user and then, with each of the other individual users that use Matchprint Virtual with InSite Creative Workflow 7.0 Smart Review.

  1. In Finder select Go > Utilities.
  2. Open Keychain Access.
  3. In the Keychains pane, select login and in the Category pane, select Certificates.
  4. Double-click the SecureHTTPServer certificate.
  5. In the SecureHTTPServer window, click Trust.
  6. In the When using this certificate list, select Always Trust.
  7. Close the SecureHTTPServer window.
    Note: You might be prompted to type your administrator credentials.
  8. In the Keychain Access menu, select Quit Keychain Access.
  9. After performing this step, the first time that you open Smart Review after setting up the SecureHTTPServer, in the alert message that may appear, click Always Allow.
    Note: If you are using Mac OS 10.8, the alert message will not appear.