The Kodak InSite family of products uses Mac OS and Microsoft Windows client computers to connect over the Internet to servers that are running the InSite software. This document describes the supported configurations for workstation computers and should be used to check the client workstation configuration for one software product at a time.

Note: For confirmation of compatibility of the software, see the Release Notes of each product.

This document applies to the following versions of the InSite family of products:


Applicable Software Version

Kodak InSite Prepress Portal9.0
Kodak InSite Creative Workflow7.5
Kodak Matchprint Virtual9.0
Kodak PressProof9.0

Note: For more information about earlier versions of any of the above software, see an earlier version of this document at

Determining Your Client Computer Configuration

To find the details of your current client computer configuration, click System Diagnostics on the Login page of the InSite software. The system checks your computer’s operating system, web browser, JavaScript, HTML5, and network settings. It also tests your upload and download connections.

Internet Connection

Your Internet connection must meet the following requirements: