MatchprintVirtual-SmartReview is a Websocket server running in the background as an agent application on the Mac. When Matchprint Virtual 7.0 is installed, this component is automatically installed. It works with Smart Review in InSite Creative Workflow 7.5 for color accuracy.

  1. To quit MatchprintVirtual-SmartReview, click Open Application.
    The application appears in the foreground.
  2. Click the log window that appears.
  3. Select MatchprintVirtual-SmartReview and click Quit MV_Review.
  4. While it is not recommended to switch users on Mac, you need to add the MatchprintVirtual-SmartReview application as an item that opens automatically when you log on for additional users:
    Note: These steps are only required for additional users that share the Mac. The Websocket application will already be configured to open at logon for the Admin user that installs Matchprint Virtual.
    1. Select Apple > System Preferences.
    2. Click Users & Groups.
    3. Click the account whose settings you want to change.
    4. Click Login Items.
    5. Click +.
    6. Browse to Applications\Matchprint Virtual\MVP Shell App\Tools\MatchprintVirtual-SmartReview and click Add.
    7. Click the lock icon to prevent additional changes to the settings.
    8. Close the Users & Groups window.