If your user account was created by the Invite New User feature, you must change your password the first time that you log on to the system. After your first logon, you should continue to change your password regularly to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your files. You can also update your e-mail address and other contact information.

  1. If this is not your first logon, click your user name profile on the toolbar (on the upper-right side), and then click your Unique Username.
    Note: If you are logging on to the system for the first time, the Change User Password dialog box appears automatically.
  2. Type your new and old passwords.
    Important: If your system requires a strong password, type a password that is at least 12 characters long and contains an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and a number. You can also use special characters such as punctuation or symbols, but you cannot use the following characters: & ' ' " " ; < > % !
  3. Update your name, title, e-mail address, and telephone numbers as needed, and select the language in which you will receive notification e-mail messages from the system.
    Note: The names that you type in the First Name and Last Name boxes appear on the toolbar when you log on to the system.
  4. Click Update.

If this is your first logon, the logon page reappears. Log on again using your new password.