Note: (Integrated system only) Make sure you run the ICU utility on the integrated InSite Prepress Portal server prior to running the installer of the InSite Creative Workflow.

  1. Log into the server as an ARAXI user, go to TwAm_7.5.0.x\TwAm and double click setup.exe.
    The Synapse TwAm installer launches.

  2. Click Next.
    The InSite Creative Workflow and IIS services stop, and the InSite Creative Installer wizard appears.
  3. Click Next.
  4. On the NT User Account screen, type the password (generally ARAXI). Type it again to confirm it.
    Click Next.

  5. On the Summary screen, click Next.
    The installer updates the software on your system.

  6. The ICCU wizard appears.
  7. On the Welcome screen, click Next.
  8. On the Configuration Scenario screen, select whether you are configuring a standalone or integrated InSite Creative Workflow server, and click Next.

  9. On the Administrative Credentials screen, perform the following actions:
    1. Type the password for the ARAXI account.
      If the system is integrated with a Prepress Portal server, the user name and password must match the user name and password for the INSITE service on the Prepress Portal server and the ARAXI service on the Prinergy server.

    2. If you have moved the server to a domain, select the Domain Account check box, and type the account name in the format: <DOMAIN>\<account user>.

    3. Click Next.
  10. (Integrated system only) On the Prinergy Primary server Information screen, type Primary Server Name and Primary Server IP Address, and click Next.

  11. (Integrated system only) On the ICU Run Confirmation screen, if you have run the ICU on the InSite Prepress Portal server, select Yes, I have run the ICU utility on the InSite Prepress Portal Server, and click Continue. If you have not run the ICU on the InSite Prepress Portal server, run it now, then select Yes, I have run the ICU utility on the InSite Prepress Portal Server, and click Continue.

  12. On the DMZ Mode screen:
  13. (System with tertiary server only) On the Tertiary Server screen, the server that you have configured for storing projects and libraries (other than the InSite Creative Workflow server) is listed. Type the IP address of the tertiary server, select the file access protocol, and click Next. If you do not have a tertiary server, this screen does not appear.

  14. (Distribution server configuration only) On the Distribution Servers screen, any distribution servers that you have installed and configured (other than the InSite Creative Workflow server) are listed. Select the name of each distribution server, type its IP address, and click Next.
    If you do not have any distribution servers, this screen does not appear.

  15. On the ICW Data Model Information screen:You can leave the check boxes cleared if you are not installing ICW RBA Data Model to a Prinergy server or if you plan to install it later.
  16. On the Email Relay Server screen, type the IP address or a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the e-mail relay server, and click Next.

  17. On the Configuration Summary screen, check that all the actions that you want the ICCU to perform are listed, and click Apply.
    The configuration starts and a progress bar shows the status.

  18. (Integrated system only) When the configuration is complete, you will be requested to restart the InSite service on the Prepress Portal server. In the restart message that appears, click OK. Restart the InSite service on the Prepress Portal server as requested in the message.

  19. When the configuration is complete, click Diagnostics.
  20. On the Configuration Results screen, check that all the steps display a status of Done, and click Done.
  21. If a step displays a status of Failed, record the error message, and then continue with the upgrade. When the upgrade is finished, contact your service representative for help diagnosing the problem. You cannot start the InSite Creative Workflow system until the problem is resolved.

  22. Click Finish.
  23. Follow these steps:
  24. If applicable, upgrade any distribution rendering (Pixel) servers attached to the InSite Creative Workflow web server that you have just upgraded. For more information, see the Upgrading the distribution rendering (Pixel) server section.

  25. If you have selected the Enable ICW Data Model check box in the ICW Data Model Information screen, you have to restart Prinergy server.

  26. Confirm that your system is upgraded successfully by performing the following actions:

    1. On the server desktop, click the TwEm Administrator shortcut.
    2. In InSite Creative Administration, locate the version number at the top of the home page. Confirm that it is the latest update.

    3. Verify that the InSite Creative Workflow software operates correctly.
  27. Update the InSite Creative Workflow slave web servers, and distribution rendering (Pixel) servers attached to the slave servers, one at a time (repeat steps 1-26).
    Note: The upgrade can be performed while using the InSite Creative Workflow master web server.