When the tertiary server fails, the PrinergyJobs replication job will be in an error state and have an activity type of Failover condition met. To regain access to the files on the tertiary server, a failover to the failover tertiary server must be initiated. When failed over, the server name and IP address of the regular tertiary server are added to the failover tertiary server causing it to assume the original tertiary server's identify.

To initiate a failover:

  1. On the failover tertiary server, open Double-Take Console.
  2. From the Go menu, select Manage Jobs.
  3. Right-click the PrinergyJobs job, and select the Failover, Cutover, or Recover... option.
  4. In the Failover and Cutover dialog box, select the Failover to live data option.
  5. Select the Apply data in the target queues before failover or cutover option.
  6. Click the Failover button.
  7. Wait until the PrinergyJobs job activity changes to Failed over.

The failover tertiary server has now assumed the identity of the tertiary server. It should now be possible to access Prinergy job data again and continue working.