1. Click the Device Conditions tab and then click the Add icon .
    The Device window appears. Add the device if it hasn't been added to the system.

  2. Drag the device to the viewer window.
  3. In the device condition , click the Properties icon .
  4. If the device is a print device, select the plate used in this device condition from the Plate Setup list.
    If the plate doesn't exist, click the Add button  and add a new plate setup. Each plate setup can contain multiple plate lines

  5. Depending on the device type, do the following:

  6. Choose or add an Other value if needed.
    You can use the Other value to create a difference between two similar device conditions. For example, if two devices use the same Screening and Substrate values, you can use two different Other values, such as
    "Standard Inks" and "Fine Art Inks", to distinguish the two device conditions.

  7. For a curve-controlled device, add spot inks for the device condition if needed.
    You can add as many spot inks as you require. When you add a spot ink to an existing device condition, it does not create a new device condition. The existing device condition is modified to include the spot ink wherever it is used. 
  8. Click OK .
  9. Characterize the color response for the device condition .