When versioned white objects are designed to be seen on top of another colored object, the colors that make up the colored object must be extracted in the version plan. (Versioned white objects are white objects that do not appear on all versions.)

For example, with the following objects (white text on cyan boxes) in your files, you must extract cyan for each affected version in the version plan.

Versioned white objects 



Colors To Extract

Map To Plate



Output Separately

Version 1


Output Separately

Version 2


Output Separately

Background object color not extracted

If you do not extract the colors that make up the background object in the version layers, your output may not appear as intended. See the following examples.

The Detect versioned white objects option in the Generate process template enables you to identify white objects on a change layer, and mark them with an orange X. A warning is issued if a white object is detected on a change layer so that the extracted colors can be changed.

Note: If you select the Warn and Mark option, when you output the job, you can decide not to output the change layers that contain such X-marked white objects. To do so, in the loose page output, imposition output, or final output process template, in the Render section, select the Restrict output of layers/versions with errors check box.